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The Community Foundation is highlighting different areas of nonprofit services offered throughout Greater New Haven. 

Using as the platform, The Foundation is asking the community to take “A Closer Look” each month at the issues that impact the health and wellbeing of Greater New Haven and the nonprofits that are working to address those issues.

October's focus is on the local nonprofits under the umbrella of Civic Vitality. Specifically, those organizations that operate in the social justice space and those that provide services to domestic animals, such as area shelters. Check out the work of these awesome nonprofits.

“A Closer Look” will run from October 2016 through September 2017, excluding the months of May and December.  


Featured Issue Briefs This Month

Breaking the Cycle: Support for the Formerly-Incarcerated

All too often, the barriers faced by the formerly incarcerated increase their chances of returning to prison, a cycle that is devastating to families and neighborhoods and exacts a high cost from taxpayers. Read more about the issue and what is being done to help formerly-incarcerated individuals successfully reintegrate - a win win for the entire community. 

Protecting Our Pets

The number of domestic animal pets born every year is far greater than the number of secure and loving homes for them, leading to the abandonment of millions of animals, primarily cats and dogs. Learn what areas shelters, animal agencies, and advocates are doing to humanely care for these animals and find them a new home.


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