The Great Give® 2018

The Great(est) Give Ever

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2018 marked the ninth anniversary of the birth of The Great Give  - our region's community-wide giving event for the benefit of local nonprofits. In 36 hours, the community raised over $1.7 million, far surpassing previous years, for Greater New Haven’s nonprofits. Nearly 11,000 donors gave to 406 nonprofits, once again proving their commitment to our community.

“The Great Give® 2018 was a triumph, in large part to the tremendous efforts made by the nonprofits to engage our community,” said Will Ginsberg, president and CEO of The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven, the creator of The Great Give®. “It far eclipsed all our previous giving events by every measure: donors, gifts, nonprofits supported and money raised. Throughout the last several days, it certainly felt as though the community ‘buzz’ reached new heights.” Read the press release including results.

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Tracking Our Wellbeing

Community Progress Report 2016

Three years ago we introduced Calibrating the Community: Data to Strengthen Greater New Haven (2013) to further our collective understanding of how people within our region are doing and how our region is doing as a whole. The Community Progress Report (2016) continues this ongoing work. Using the latest economic, demographic, educational, health and well-being data, this report provides benchmarks that identify strengths to build on and challenges that need to be addressed.