October 2017

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The Community Foundation is highlighting different areas of nonprofit services offered throughout Greater New Haven. 

Using giveGreater.org as the platform, The Foundation is asking the community to take “A Closer Look” each month at the issues that impact the health and wellbeing of Greater New Haven and the nonprofits that are working to address those issues.

This month, our focus is on Health and Wellness; in particular, organizations that provide services for Physical and Mental Health.

“A Closer Look” runs through November 2017.  

Healthcare Gains at RiskHealth Wellness

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) represents a major commitment by the federal government to health equity. Its insurance coverage expansion and investments in the health care system reach millions of underserved Americans in populations that experience a disproportionate share of chronic and preventable health problems relative to the general public. LEARN MORE



Community Progress Report 2016

The Community Progress Report (2016)

Three years ago we introduced Calibrating the Community: Data to Strengthen Greater New Haven (2013) to further our collective understanding of how people within our region are doing and how our region is doing as a whole. The Community Progress Report (2016) continues this ongoing work. Using the latest economic, demographic, educational, health and well-being data, this report provides benchmarks that identify strengths to build on and challenges that need to be addressed. We invite you to use these indicators to engage policy makers, businesses, institutions, and — above all — your neighbors and colleagues in conversations about how to build a stronger community for all of Greater New Haven.



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