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Gaylord Hospital

Last Updated: 1/30/2013 2:57:45 PM


Gaylord Hospital


PO Box 400

Wallingford, CT 06492-

Primary Phone

(203) 284-2800

Primary Fax

(203) 284-3586

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CEO/Executive Director

Mr. George Kyriacou

Board Chair

Mr. F. Perry (Buck) Wilson, Jr.

Board Chair Company Affiliation

Retired Executive Director, Hospital of St. Raphael Foundation

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Organization received a competitive grant from the community foundation in the past five years


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Our mission is to preserve and enhance a person's health and function.

Gaylord is the place you or your loved one goes to when you want extraordinary care for your complex chronic medical issue or rehabilitation needs. What do you do after your car accident, stroke or brain injury, or you have chronic respiratory problems, and your acute care hospital has stabilized you, but you need more care? You go to Gaylord Hospital in Wallingford. For nearly 110 years Gaylord has been a premier provider of medical care, giving to those in the community who need it the excellence in healthcare which they want and deserve.   Our patients count on us to deliver the best, most effective clinical services to get them home as soon as possible with as much independence as possible.   How do we know this? Over 95% of our patients would recommend Gaylord to others. How do we do this? We focus on our patients to give them care beyond the ordinary. As donor Bob Fechtor says of the treatment his wife received after her paralyzing stroke: “Thanks to Gaylord, we had five more happy years together.” (You can listen to Bob’s video on this page). We also hire exceptional people. We are one of only 14 Model Spinal Cord Centers in the nation. Our staff goes beyond ordinary lengths to provide the best solutions for our patients – and for their families.  When the daughter of a patient on a ventilator wanted to get married, what did we do? We held the wedding at Gaylord. We coordinate your care with doctors, nurses, therapists, psychologists and social workers so that you can recover as well as you can, as soon as you can.

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