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Fellowship Place

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Fellowship Place


441 Elm St.

New Haven, CT 06511-4523

Primary Phone

(203) 401-4227

Primary Fax

(203) 789-4451


Visit us on Facebook


Visit us on Facebook

CEO/Executive Director

Mary A. Guerrera, LCSW

Board Chair

Mr. Ronald A Netter

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Fellowship Place Group Photo
Fellowship Place Group Photo


Fellowship Place’s mission is to help adults with mental illness lead more meaningful, fulfilling and healthy lives by offering resources, education, and opportunity.

Fellowship is the only agency in the greater New Haven area supporting the severely mentally ill population 365 days per year, offering a comprehensive program of supportive services that includes Homeless Engagement, Supported Education, Employment Services, Supported Housing, Social Rehabilitation, and an alternative to incarceration program. Our campus offers understanding, acceptance, and a safe place where the mentally ill can ask for and receive help overcoming the challenges of living with their illness. Over 600 people are served annually; the majority suffers from schizophrenia, major depression, or bipolar disorder.

The first symptoms of serious mental illness usually occur in one's late teens to early twenties. It is common for one experiencing symptoms for the first time to withdraw from family & friends. Fear, lack of understanding and stigma often interfere with them getting treatment. Common issues include unemployment, homelessness, incarceration, and substance abuse. Without a place to turn for support, many end up alone; sleeping in tents under bridges at night and wandering the streets by day. However, with proper treatment and a wide range of support services, many living with a serious mental illness can lessen the impact it has on their lives, maintain their independence, and lead a productive life in their community. Fellowship provides such services; our programming, which complements our clients’ clinical services, strives to improve an individual's level of functioning and own management of his/her illness through skill building groups, opportunities for socialization, and peer support. Without Fellowship Place, there would be many more homeless, mentally ill individuals wandering the streets of New Haven without a safe place to come to every day.

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Psycho Social Rehab, the Clubhouse:

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Ensure Health & Wellness

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