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R Kids Family Center

Last Updated: 9/16/2014 4:48:00 PM


R Kids Family Center


45 Dixwell Ave

New Haven, CT 06511-

Primary Phone

(203) 865-5437

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(203) 865-5444

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CEO/Executive Director

Ms. Randi Rubin Rodriguez

Board Chair

Dr. Robert Windom, MD

Board Chair Company Affiliation

Cornell Scott Hill Health Center- Pediatrics

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The mission ‘r kids Family Center (‘r kids) is to provide highly specialized, high quality services to children and families in transition. Our objective is to promote permanency, safety and stability for children by providing nurturing services to biological, kinship, foster and adoptive families.

The ‘r kids’ tag line embodies its mission; With each child, the world begins anew (Midrash).

‘r kids Vision:

‘r kids understands that children are society’s most vulnerable and most valuable assets. We want the seeds of stability and increased self-esteem for at risk children not simply to take root and flourish for a season, but to enable these children to pay it forward productively as nurturing parents.

Because the needs of the entire family are essential to children’s sustained success, ‘r kids employs a holistic approach, anchored in the best interests of each child and respect, that promotes reflection and responsibility. This process takes many paths: (1) ’r kids welcomes birth parents who feel defeated and perhaps embarrassed by missteps, extending support, identifying strengths upon which to build and working to develop their sense of dignity and pride, and (2) ‘r kids is an advocate for birth parents who often feel isolated, with few understanding or empathizing with their plight or the multitude of barriers they frequently face. Beyond these efforts, ‘r kids helps to cultivate secure bonding and attachment for children, by increasing the individual skills of their biological parents and nurturing a community of foster and adoptive parents who share the values to fortify these reestablished connections. The newly forged “village of support” advances the goal that children grow up in permanent, safe, nurturing families and, when possible, are reunited with their families of origin.

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