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Squash Haven

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Squash Haven


Squash Haven
70 Tower Parkway

New Haven, CT 06520-

Primary Phone

(203) 464-8644

Primary Fax

(203) 432-7772

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Visit us on Facebook

CEO/Executive Director

Ms. Julie Greenwood

Board Chair

Mr. Herbert S. Winokur, Jr.

Board Chair Company Affiliation

Capricorn Holdings, Inc.

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Organization received a competitive grant from the community foundation in the past five years


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 Squash Haven provides individually directed academic enrichment and squash instruction to New Haven public school students in fifth grade through high school.  Through intensive tuition-free academic and squash sessions at Yale University, Squash Haven supports New Haven youth to achieve school success, physical fitness, athletic excellence, and access to compelling academic and summer opportunities.

Squash Haven's short term outcome goals include the enhancement of: 

·       Academic Performance
·       Athletic Performance
·       Fitness and Nutrition
·       Character Development
·       Self-Confidence
·       Commitment

Squash Haven's long term outcome goals include:

·       Attendance at college preparatory high schools
·       Competitive squash throughout high school
·       Matriculation at four year colleges 

Squash Haven is one of twelve member programs of NUSEA, the National Urban Squash and Education Association.  Since 1996, member programs have been providing comprehensive and long-term youth development programming.  As a member program, Squash Haven is held accountable to standards in sixteen areas of program and organizational development. 

 Our key strategies for student success:

- High standards for commitment (90% attendance minimum). 
- High standards for academic performance with clearly articulated positive interventions for students who falter.  
- High standards for athletic engagement. 
- Daily emphasis on healthy habits with supplemental programming that furthers healthy lifestyles. 
- Intensive instruction and individual relationships (300 hours/year, over 50 weekly volunteers).
- Close coordination with schools, families, and others that help foster student success. 

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