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JUNTA for Progressive Action

Last Updated: 12/18/2014 11:23:28 AM


JUNTA for Progressive Action


169 Grand Avenue

New Haven, CT 06513-

Primary Phone

(203) 787-0191 x16

Primary Fax

(203) 787-4934

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Visit us on Facebook

CEO/Executive Director

Ms. Sandra Trevino

Board Chair

Ms. Alicia Schmidt-Camacho

Board Chair Company Affiliation

Yale University

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Organization received a competitive grant from the community foundation in the past five years


Junta Youth Action Committe
Junta Youth Action Committe


JUNTA's mission is to provide services, programs and advocacy that improve the social, political and economic conditions of the Latino community in Greater New Haven while nurturing and promoting its cultural traditions as it builds bridges with other communities. JUNTA serves and advocates for all vulnerable populations including low-income, Latino and immigrant communities in Greater New Haven. JUNTA is located in the heart of the Fair Haven neighborhood, New Haven's historic community of immigrants. The ultimate goal of our seven core programs involves improving all aspects of an individual and family's life so that they can experience economic, social, personal and familial success, while working to eliminate barriers that can prevent people from experiencing success despite all of their best efforts. 

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The Neighborhood Place

Family Management/Information and Referral

Adult Education and Community Outreach

Economic Development

Advocacy & Community Organizing

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