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The Salvation Army (Wallingford Service Unit)

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The Salvation Army (Wallingford Service Unit)


The Salvation Army
855 Asylum Avenue

Hartford, CT 06105-2817

Primary Phone

(860) 702-0000

Primary Fax

(860) 244-0790

CEO/Executive Director

Commissioner R. Steven Hedgren

Board Chair

Ms. Marion Zambory

Board Chair Company Affiliation

Wallingford Youth & Social Services

Board Members


Year of Incorporation


Former Names

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The Salvation Army's mission is to meet basic human needs without discrimination and its ministry is motivated by the love of God. The Salvation Army's goal is to help individuals and families deal with the many challenges they face in their daily lives through social, educational, emotional and spiritual development. Every program and service is designed to support and develop self-sufficiency and hope.

The Salvation Army has a history of providing targeted services to Connecticut and Rhode Island through its Southern New England Division’s operations, in this case through the Wallingford Service Unit. In order to provide services, when individuals or families reach out to The Salvation Army’s Wallingford Service Unit, a volunteer member of the Service Unit, referred to as a Community Service Representative, will interview them, with careful research into each client’s situation and available resources. Next, clients are informed of their options and other potential available resources, then provided with vouchers for food and clothing, or a voucher to pay a vendor for rent/utilities assistance. Occasionally, clients may also be referred to other local services and/or to The Salvation Army’s regional services, such as an Adult Rehabilitation Center for those with addiction problems, one of The Salvation Army’s homeless shelters for families, single women or men, or summer programs such as The Salvation Army’s Camp CONNRI, which is offered to young children and older adults throughout Connecticut and Rhode Island. Back-to-school programs are also available to provide boots, shoes and backpacks to children.

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