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Healthy Eyes Alliance

Last Updated: 11/17/2014 9:14:04 AM


Healthy Eyes Alliance


129 Church Street
Suite 820

New Haven, CT 06510-2005

Primary Phone

(800) 850-2020

Primary Fax

(203) 772-4691


Visit us on Facebook


Visit us on Facebook

CEO/Executive Director

Mrs. Kathryn Garre-Ayars

Board Chair

Ather Williams, Jr.

Board Chair Company Affiliation

On Point Consultant & Coaching, LLC

Board Members


Year of Incorporation


Former Names

Prevent Blindness Tristate (2011)

Organization received a competitive grant from the community foundation in the past five years


CT program Manager Screening a Child
CT program Manager Screening a Child


Healthy Eyes Alliance mission is to prevent vision loss and promote healthy eyes.


More Background


Healthy Eyes for Preschoolers

Sight For Students

WorkSight Program

Eye On your Vision

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