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The Community Fund for Women and Girls promotes social and economic advancement for women and girls through strategic philanthropy, grants, advocacy and collaboration. 
A component fund of The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven, the Community Fund for Women & Girls is a permanent endowment focusing exclusively on the needs and opportunities for women and girls in the Greater New Haven region. 
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Year of Incorporation 1995
CEO/Executive Director *See CEO Comments Field
Board Chair Susan Garcia Nofi
Board Chair Company Affiliation New Haven Legal Assistance Association
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The Community Fund for Women and Girls promotes social and economic advancement for women and girls through strategic philanthropy, grants, advocacy and collaboration. 
A component fund of The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven, the Community Fund for Women & Girls is a permanent endowment focusing exclusively on the needs and opportunities for women and girls in the Greater New Haven region. 
Background In 1995 a local woman approached The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven with the idea of creating something to benefit women and children. Working with Foundation staff, the donor, Pamela Rendeiro of Hamden, enthusiastically agreed to create a collective women's fund that would establish a permanent endowment to support issues and programs of interest to women and girls in the region.  Prominent community philanthropists jumped on board, becoming Founding Members of the Fund. Over 4,300 donors to date heartily support this work.  Continued support allows the Fund to: 
  • award multi-year grants for programs with proven track records;
  • bring nonprofit leadership together to address common issues most critical for women and girls;
  • support policy and research investments that inform and shift social policy about women and girls.

For the past 20 years, the Community Fund for Women & Girls has invested in improving and advancing women and girls in the Greater New Haven region in many ways including making grants. Grants are made to advance women and girls as individuals through programs as well as to address systemic causes of inequity.

The Community Fund for Women & Girls is the Greater New Haven region's only permanent charitable endowment dedicated to women and girls. The Fund makes strategic grants addressing core issues of inequity as well as direct service program grants benefitting individual women and girls in four core areas. Since 1995, over 4,300 philanthropists, primarily women, have partnered with The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven to grow and steward an endowment in gifts and pledges now valued at over $4 million and have awarded nearly $1million in carefully reviewed, thoughtful and strategic, gender-specific grants. Over 23,000 women and girls in the region have participated in programs supported by grants from the Fund. The Fund actively seeks grant opportunities to address core issues of inequity, including health, economic security, violence and political participation. The Fund's work to encourage women to claim and exercise their philanthropy includes a locally produced chaptered documentary entitled "I'm A Philanthropist:  How Women Are Changing America's Charitable Landscape". The documentary and discussion guide are available at no cost and are designed to support nonprofit efforts to reach out to women as donors and volunteers.  
Growing the pool of funds available to award grants remains a priority.  Each year, the Fund receives grant requests in excess of $300,000 from organizations seeking to advance the progress of women and girls. Growth of the endowment creates a larger and more meaningful pool of grant funds - and creates the opportunity for the Fund to focus on grants that most impact the social and economic advancement of women and girls in the region and beyond.
CEO Statement
Staff support for the Fund for Women & Girls is provided by The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven for various needs, including development, grants and investment management.  
Board Chair Statement
Over the past 20 years the fund has grown in size and in impact.  The fund has enabled women to step forward as philanthropic voices in the community.  Grants from the fund support gender specific programming to help women and girls socially, economically, educationally and politically. 
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As a component fund of The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven, the Community Fund for Women & Girls serves The Community Foundation's 20-town region.
CEO/Executive Director/Board Comments
Recent studies show that nearly 80% of all charitable gifts are made by women - yet only 7% of those gifts focus on women and girls. That means that programs and services for women and girls, from education and job training to body image awareness, programming for middle school girls and the prevention of violence can be overlooked or underfunded.

Our goal is to change the social systems that don't work well for women and girls. Women who volunteer on the Community Fund for Women & Girls' Grants Committee make recommendations to The Community Foundation's Board for funding programs that do the most to address root causes of inequity and have the greatest opportunity to have a ripple effect.

In brief:
  1. Women’s funds, of which there are twelve (12) in the State of Connecticut, help correct that imbalance by reflecting women’s priorities and make sure that these important gender specific programs and issues receive attention and get funded.
  2. Women are responsible for 80% of philanthropic giving in the United States, but funding that targets the specific needs of women and girls is less than 10% of all philanthropic funding.
  3. Women’s funds possess unique knowledge, values and expertise, are solution builders whose investment ripples broadly through the communities they support and often leads to lasting social change.
  4. Studies show grants from women’s funds yield more results per grant dollar and usually leverage additional funding.
The Community Fund for Women and Girls awards grants to nonprofits in the Greater New Haven region with programming specifically for women and girls. Grants focus on thoughtful gender-specific programming and advocacy efforts in economic security (education, mentoring, STEM programming, basic needs, job training, pregnancy prevention), health (physical and emotional health as well as wellness, self-esteem and self-image), violence and prevention (safety, domestic violence survivor support and prevention), political participation (advocacy and campaign training), and other areas (including research and community development).  
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A modest $10,000 grant to the Mothers for Justice supported the production of an advocacy video called "Living In A Broken System".  With the video, along with previously funded advocacy training programs, the Mothers conducted targeted outreach and advocacy strategies to the State Legislature, resulting in the passage of a law allowing GED classes to be counted as training credit for recipients of TANF funding.
Description In 2015 the Fund embarked on a precident setting and ambitious program to celebrate the 20th anniversary and to grow the endowment through a campaign.  The 20th anniversary luncheon was held on October 30th with over 600 guests and Teresa Younger, CEO of the MS Foundation, and feminist icon Gloria Steinem serving as the key note presentation.  The fund also announced its first six figure, three year grant to All Our Kin to support their Business Entrepreneurship program.  The 20th Anniversary resulted in gifts and pledges totaling $1.5 million, bringing the fund's future value to $4million.
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Program Comments
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In 2016, the Fund for Women & Girls will award grants to organizations serving women and girls to improve outcomes for women and girls.
CEO/Executive Director
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Term Start Jan 2016
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Board Chair
Susan Garcia Nofi
Company Affiliation New Haven Legal Assistance Association
Term Jan 2016 to Dec 2016
Board of Directors
Susan Addiss
Ethel Berger
Sharon Brooks
Heather Calabrese
Barbara Chesler
Mary Beth Congdon
Anne Godsey
Miriam Gohara
Annie Harper
Mubarakah Ibrahim
Christine Kim
Maribel Lopez
Karen Peart
Liza Petra
Carol Ross
Tressa Spears Jackson
Janna Wagner
Cynthia Watson
Nancy Yao Maasbach
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African American/Black 5
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Current Assets$17,124,979$15,080,330$12,790,395
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Current Liabilities$1,300,963$2,893,625$3,242,652
Total Net Assets$441,666,983$412,849,795$359,969,568
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Address 70 Audubon St
New Haven, CT 06510
Primary Phone 203 777-2386
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CEO/Executive Director *See CEO Comments Field
Board Chair Susan Garcia Nofi
Board Chair Company Affiliation New Haven Legal Assistance Association


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