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New Haven Healthy Start

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New Haven Healthy Start


70 Audubon St

New Haven, CT 06510-

Primary Phone

(203) 777-2386

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(203) 776-3872

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Natasha LaButhie-Rivera

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New Haven Healthy Start is a program that helps pregnant women and mothers deliver healthy and happy babies. Its primary goal is to reduce the infant mortality and morbidity rate in the City of New Haven, Connecticut.
Another goal is to eliminate ethnic and racial disparities in birth outcomes.
New Haven Healthy Start is focusing its efforts in the African American population, in which the infant mortality rate is higher than any other race in New Haven. The program looks at all factors influencing birth outcomes, including racial and ethnic health disparities. Research shows that there are significant racial and ethnic health disparities in New Haven: the Black infant mortality in New Haven is 2.5 times the rate of White infants, paralleling that of the US.  By targeting the leading causes of infant mortality, low birth weight and prematurity/pre-term birth, New Haven Healthy Start has been successful in addressing infant mortality for more than a decade.

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New Haven Healthy Start

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