gG cards...another way to support our local nonprofit community

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A gG card (also known as a giveGreater card) is an ideal gift for thank yous, birthdays, holidays and special occasions - a unique gift for teachers, employers, employees, friends and family.

When you give a gG card, you're supporting good work in Greater New Haven.


What are gG Cards?

gG cards were created by The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven to help increase giving to and awareness of local nonprofits. gG cards are available in both digital and hard-copy formats.

When you order a gG card, you're making a charitable donation to The Community Foundation, eligible for a tax deduction for the value of the card(s) ordered. When you give a gG card, the recipient gets to designate the value of the card to any of the 300+ nonprofits profiled on® - Greater New Haven's online resource for finding, learning about and giving to nonprofits serving the region.

Processing fees for gG card orders apply as follows: a percentage (dependent upon the type of credit card) of the gG card value, plus $1.49 per transaction will be deducted. These fees are charged per industry standard by the credit card companies and the vendor that makes online giving possible; The Community Foundation does not charge or receive any fee for providing this service to donors and nonprofits.  

For more information, please call 203-777-2386 or email


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