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219 Division St
Ansonia CT 06401-1138
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Address 219 Division St
Ansonia, CT 06401-1138
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Derby Day Care Center's mission is to provide education and care in a safe, healthy, positive, loving environment for both children and families so children will be successful lifelong learners and parents will have the opportunity to work or participate in job training programs.
At A Glance
Year of Incorporation 1973
Organization's type of tax exempt status Public Supported Charity
Organization received a competitive grant from the community foundation in the past five years Yes
CEO/Executive Director Gladys Emma Lazurek
Board Chair Robert Saracino
Board Chair Company Affiliation Bank of America
Financial Summary
Revenue vs Expenses Bar Graph - All Years
Mission Derby Day Care Center's mission is to provide education and care in a safe, healthy, positive, loving environment for both children and families so children will be successful lifelong learners and parents will have the opportunity to work or participate in job training programs.

The Derby Day Care Center provides early education and care for children ages 6 weeks through 8 years.  This includes full-time full-year preschool, infant and toddler programs as well as a before and after school program for children in kindergarten through second grade.  School age children may attend full time in the summer.

We are licensed by the State of Connecticut Office of Early Childhood and accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).  We provide free breakfast, hot lunch, and afternoon snack through the Child and Adult Care Food Program which is regulated by USDA.   

Derby Day Care Center was formed in 1972 in order to help low income working parents access high quality affordable child care and early education experiences for their children.  We were located in the basement of the Derby Methodist Church where we were able to serve 50 children at a time.  We were one of the first state funded programs in Connecticut which allow families to pay on a sliding fee scale dependent on family size and income.  In 2015 we moved to our current location so that we could meet the needs of the community for affordable infant and toddler care and expand our before and after school program.  We were able to become the partner agency on an Early Head Start Partnership grant with T.E.A.M. Inc.  We expanded our program from 50 to 74 children including 16 under the age of three.  We are able to take children from all four elementary schools in Ansonia and Derby for before and after school programming. 

We continually strive to meet the needs of families in our community and the surrounding area. 

We have provided child care services for 108 low income families so far this year. We are fully enrolled and have a wait list for all age groups.

We were able to provide infant and toddler care for eight children through our participation in an Early Head Start Partnership Grant with T.E.A.M. Inc.

We were awarded a grant from the Valley Community Foundation for playground equipment.  The equipment was installed in May, allowing children to increase development of physical skills and have lower BMIs.
Through a collaboration with SafeKids and the Toys for Hope American Giving Project we were able to host a car seat clinic in November.  56 car seats were given out as well as books for the children and gifts for the families.  This helped our families be in compliance with the new car seat laws.
Goals for this year include:
To enhance the program for children with a monthly music and literacy program.
To improve curriculum with additional professional development for teaching staff.
To expand the program by adding one classroom for preschool aged children. 

 We need to have a full time substitute to meet ratios when teachers are absent.  It is challenging to find someone with the qualifications required for the salary we are able to pay.

We need our lead teachers to have Bachelor Degrees by 2020.  The problem is that once they earn their degree they leave our program to go where they can earn more.
We have had two major increased costs in our budget.  Food service expense has increased by $20,000.00 and audit expense has increased by $7,000.00.  This puts additional pressure to meet an already tight budget. 
CEO Statement

We have been serving valley families since 1973.  Some of the parents attended when they were children.  Due to their happy memories they want to have their children attend.  We have many families that return to us when they have other children.  They tell us that they only trust our program with their children.   Our Head Teacher is an alumni.  We are very committed to the needs of families in our area and will continue to collaborate with other agencies in the Valley to see that those needs are met.

                                     -Gladys Lazurek, Executive Director

Board Chair Statement

Ten years ago, I joined the board of Derby Day Care, a not-for-profit center that focuses on low to moderate income families in Derby, Ansonia, and the surrounding area.  The attraction was two-fold:  an interest in working with and supporting kids and a drive to participate with organizations in the Greater Valley.  My day job as a Small Business Banker has a decidedly different focus and this allows me to bring a joy for being around children along with a business background that helps the Center.

                                        - Robert Saracino, Board Chairman

Most of the brain's wiring is established during the first few years of life.  By age 5, the brain will be very close to adult size and volume.  This is why I am so passionate about the services Derby Day Care provides.  My first experience at the center was reading to a group of preschoolers who were extremely engaged and aware of the world around them.  I knew that I wanted to be part of an organization that prioritizes academic, social, emotional, and physical development of the children in my community.
                                          -Jenny Ames, Board Secretary 
Service Categories
Primary Organization Category Human Services / Child Day Care
Secondary Organization Category Education / Preschools
Areas Served
Lower Naugatuck Valley
CEO/Executive Director/Board Comments

As the Executive Director I have the privilege every day to see the joy on the children's faces and the excitement they have as they continue to discover new things.  It is wonderful to be able to provide families with a safe place to leave their children where they can feel comfortable and not have to worry as they go to work.  We are confident that we are providing high quality care and education for our youngest citizens.  Maintaining our NAEYC accreditation requires us to provide high standards of staff qualifications and programs.

Description The Infant and Toddler program provides child care services and early education to 16 children ages 6 weeks to 3 years.  Children have opportunities to develop language, physical skills, and self-help skills.  They begin to build social relationships with peers and adults.  Services include all meals, baby formula, and diapers.  All services are full time.
Population Served / /
Description The preschool program offers full-time care and education for children ages 3 to 6 years.  Children have opportunities to develop in all areas including physical, cognitive, social and emotional, and creative.  Children receive breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack.  Our preschool curriculum aligns with the State of CT Early Learning and Development Standards.  Children are prepared for kindergarten upon completion of our preschool program.  All services are full time.
Population Served / /
Description We offer a before and after school program for children in kindergarten, first and second grade.  We serve up to 20 children (10 before school and 10 after school) during the school year.  The children have a snack, get help with homework as well as work on projects and play games that help to develop social skills.  We serve up to 10 children full-time in the summer.  They are offered a variety of experiences including fun activities that help them to maintain academic levels.
Population Served / /
Program Comments
CEO Comments

It is increasingly difficult to provide the high quality services we offer and maintain NAEYC Accreditation with the amount of funding we receive.



CEO/Executive Director
Gladys Emma Lazurek
Term Start Jan 1996

I have been the Executive Director of Derby Day Care Center for 22 years.  Previous to this I taught preschool both in private programs and in a Head Start program.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education and a CT State Director Credential.

Number of Full Time Staff 14
Number of Part Time Staff 3
Number of Volunteers 0
Number of Contract Staff 0
Staff Retention Rate 100%
Staff Demographics - Ethnicity
African American/Black 4
Asian American/Pacific Islander 0
Caucasian 9
Hispanic/Latino 4
Native American/American Indian 0
Other 0 0
Staff Demographics - Gender
Male 1
Female 16
Unspecified 0
Formal Evaluations
CEO Formal Evaluation Yes
CEO/Executive Formal Evaluation Frequency Annually
Non Management Formal Evaluation Yes
Non Management Formal Evaluation Frequency Annually

Member of Valley Council of Human Services

Partner Agency of Valley United Way

Collaborate with Lower Naugatuck Valley Parent and Child Resource Center
Collaborate and Subcontract with T.E.A.M. Inc. 
CEO Comments

It is very challenging to balance our budget due to increased annual expenses and the inability to raise income due to sliding fee scales set by the government.  We have reduced some of our costs by researching different providers of consumer supplies needed to operate the Center.  We have revised staff schedules to maximize our effectiveness in not only maintaining staff to child ratios but also maintaining quality of services provided.  We are also continually challenged by threat of State budget cuts which could affect our program.  Our Board has been discussing additional fundraising opportunities.   

Board Chair
Robert Saracino
Company Affiliation Bank of America
Term Oct 2011 to Oct 2017
Board of Directors
Jenny Ames Derby Board of Education
Josephine Hasfal Barnes Group
Joyce Jordan Community Volunteer / Parent
Cathleen Kellett Griffin Hospital
Melissa Perez Community Volunteer
Board Demographics - Ethnicity
African American/Black 1
Asian American/Pacific Islander 0
Caucasian 4
Hispanic/Latino 1
Native American/American Indian 0
Other 0 0
Board Demographics - Gender
Male 1
Female 5
Board Term Lengths 1
Board Term Limits 10
Written Board Selection Criteria Under Development
Written Conflict of Interest Policy No
Percentage Making Monetary Contributions 0%
Percentage Making In-Kind Contributions 100%
Constituency Includes Client Representation Yes
Risk Management Provisions
Commercial General Liability and D and O and Umbrella or Excess and Automobile and Professional
Life Insurance
Disability Insurance
General Property Coverage
Workers Compensation and Employers' Liability
Board Co-Chair
Josephine Hasfal
Company Affiliation Barnes Group Inc
Term Oct 2014 to Oct 2017
Fiscal Year Start Jan 01 2018
Fiscal Year End Dec 31 2018
Projected Revenue $851,760.00
Projected Expenses $851,760.00
Spending Policy N/A
Credit Line No
Reserve Fund Yes
Form 990s
Form 990 2016
Form 9902015
Form 9902014
Form 9902013
IRS Letter of Exemption
IRS Determination Letter
Detailed Financials
Prior Three Years Assets and Liabilities Chart
Fiscal Year201620152014
Total Assets$449,483$415,855$426,720
Current Assets$396,810$355,508$417,745
Long-Term Liabilities------
Current Liabilities$12,735$11,967$4,782
Total Net Assets$436,748$403,888$421,938
Prior Three Years Top Three Funding Sources
Fiscal Year201620152014
Top Funding Source & Dollar Amount --CT Dept. of Education (CDC) $417,767CT Dept. of Education (CDC) $317,750
Second Highest Funding Source & Dollar Amount --CT Dept. of Education (CACFP) $35,774CT Dept. of Education (CACFP) $31,607
Third Highest Funding Source & Dollar Amount --CT Dept. of Social Services (C4K) $115,669CT Dept. of Social Services (C4K) $85,908
Capitial Campaign
Currently in a Capital Campaign? No
Capital Campaign Anticipated in Next 5 Years? No
Foundation Staff Comments This profile, including the financial summaries prepared and submitted by the organization based on its own independent and/or internal audit processes and regulatory submissions, has been read by the Foundation. Some financial information from the organization’s IRS Form 990, audited financial statements or other financial documents approved has been inputted by Foundation staff. The Foundation has not audited the organization’s financial statements or tax filings, and makes no representations or warranties thereon. A more complete picture of the organization’s finances can be obtained by viewing the attached 990s and audited financials. To see if the organization has received a competitive grant from The Community Foundation in the last five years, please go to the General Information Tab of the profile.
Address 219 Division St
Ansonia, CT 064011138
Primary Phone 203 732-1010
Contact Email
CEO/Executive Director Gladys Emma Lazurek
Board Chair Robert Saracino
Board Chair Company Affiliation Bank of America


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