Elm Village Incorporated
50 Winnett Street
HAMDEN CT 06517-2812
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Address 50 Winnett Street
HAMDEN, CT 06517-2812
Telephone (203) 836-1639 x1
Fax 203-836-1639
E-mail Cormac@elmvillage.org
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The mission of Elm Village is to provide trauma-informed mindfulness training to historically underserved populations through movement, meditation, and the arts.
At A Glance
Year of Incorporation 2017
Organization's type of tax exempt status Public Supported Charity
CEO/Executive Director Cormac Ryder Levenson
Board Chair Thema Graves
Board Chair Company Affiliation Maitri Massage
Financial Summary
Revenue vs Expenses Bar Graph - All Years
Mission The mission of Elm Village is to provide trauma-informed mindfulness training to historically underserved populations through movement, meditation, and the arts.
Elm Village was started as an idea formed by Cormac Levenson while a hospital chaplain at Griffin Hospital. While teaching meditation and mindfulness to the patients at the hospital, he realized that these practices, though beneficial and heavily researched, are often unavailable to many populations in and around New Haven. He conceived of Elm Village to fill this gap. The first class he taught was in September 2016 at Emerge, a prison re-entry program, focusing on Mindfulness and Trauma.
Since then, Elm Village has developed complementary missions in anti-racism, arts education, and support of persons in the helping professions.
Taught 30 hours weekly of mindfulness classes to the students of New Horizons successful funded through the New Haven Trauma Coalition, Copper Beech Institute, and the Aetna Foundation. Nominated for an award for this work.
Trained three participants in a prison re-entry program to be mindfulness facilitators.
Continued to successfully run mindfulness classes at Columbus House and Emerge. 
Applied for and successfully received 501 (c) (3) status through the IRS. 
Start to teach mindfulness classes in another school, preferably a middle school where students from New Horizons can act as near-peer mentors. 
Begin a landscaping program to help students of limited means access gainful employment that will still allow them to be enrolled in school. 
Complete and receive a grant to fund a Director of Programs who can oversee the mindfulness work at a second school. 
Complete and successfully raise $10,000 through our first fundraising event to be held at the end of April. 
1. Elm Village would like to expand its reach to offer mindfulness classes to organizations that cannot afford it within their fiscal budget. This includes organizations that serve low-income individuals with developmental disabilities and individuals who have experienced or are experiencing intimate partner violence. Introductory classes generally run at $110 per class, once a week, for 6-8 weeks.
2. Elm Village is actively creating a mentorship program to generate near-peer mentors for work in high-need schools. This program would be beneficial to the students who are receiving the mentoring, and the high school students who are mentoring. The total cost for on-boarding mentors and training them is approximately $5,000. Instrumental to this, is the hiring of a part-time Director of Programs who will train the mentors.
3. Elm Village is currently creating a fund-raising event to raise about $10,000 for Elm Village programs and staff. This event will generate enough revenue to jump-start the payment of a Director of Public Relations.
4. Elm Village would like to be more consistent in paying its Executive Director for his leadership and administrative work. This revenue would likely come from the administrative fees of new programs. The hope is that we can pay him $20 an hour for 15-20 hours of administrative work a week. 
Service Categories
Primary Organization Category Education / Educational Services
Secondary Organization Category Mental Health & Crisis Intervention / Mental Health Treatment
Tertiary Organization Category Arts,Culture & Humanities / Cultural & Ethnic Awareness
Areas Served
New Haven
Description Elm Village teaches 30 hours weekly of mindfulness classes to the students of New Horizons School. Classes include: Mindfulness and Real Talk (mindful communication), Mindfulness and Creativity, Mindfulness and Hip Hop, Mindfulness and Movement, Mindfulness and Music Production, Mindfulness and Entrepreneurship, and Mindfulness and African Dance. Part of the 30 hours is a program entitled Mindful Institutional Development, which is part student mentorship and part teacher and staff support.
Population Served At-Risk Populations / Minorities / Adolescents Only (13-19 years)
Program is linked to organization’s mission and strategy Yes
Program is frequently assessed based on predetermined program goals Yes
Long Term SuccessHelpOrganizations describe the ultimate change(s) that will result from this program. This may be far into the future and represent an ideal state. 70% of students will exhibit enhanced responses to trauma and anxiety as indicated by higher scores on surveys measuring sleep quality, calmness in the body, and self-control of emotions.  A major long term goal is to make school more appealing to the students. Up to 50% of the students do not attend school, preventing them from graduating. Through these programs, the goal is for attendance to increase 20%.  An ultimate long term goal is to have at least 25% of the students who participate in these programs for the majority of their high school career graduate on time.  Currently, less than 1% of New Horizons students are on track to graduate. 
Description Elm Village teaches one hour class per week to the men at Recovery House, which is supportive housing through Columbus House for individuals in recovery. Elm Village teaches "Mindfulness and Substance Abuse Recovery" to approximately 20 men a week.
Population Served Homeless / Males / Minorities
Program is linked to organization’s mission and strategy Yes
Program is frequently assessed based on predetermined program goals Yes
Short Term SuccessHelpOrganizations describe near term achievement(s) or improvement(s) that will result from this program. This may represent immediate outcomes occurring as a result of the end of a session or service. Elm Village distributes pre- and post surveys that assess the participants sense of emotional regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, sense of calmness and well being, confidence in living independently, confidence in maintaining employment, and effectiveness of their toolkit for continuing their sobriety. The hope is that, as a result of this program, 85% of participants will agree to statements such as "this program gave me tools to help in my sobriety" and "this program gave me tools to help me feel calm" and "I feel better equipped to live independently as a result of this program."
Long Term SuccessHelpOrganizations describe the ultimate change(s) that will result from this program. This may be far into the future and represent an ideal state. Long-term success of this program would be half of the men who have attended at least five classes of "Mindfulness and Substance Abuse Recovery" are able to maintain their sobriety one year later. Future long term goals of this program are to incorporate more mentorship so that a majority of the participants feel they are better equipped to live independently, and are able to graduate from supportive housing into independent living.
CEO/Executive Director
Cormac Ryder Levenson
Term Start Jan 2017
Email cormac@elmvillage.org

Cormac received a Masters of Divinity from Harvard University in 2009. He completed four units of clinical pastoral education through the Association of Clinical Pastoral Education, Incorporated: One unit was completed at Mass General Hospital in 2008, and three units were completed at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in 2009. He is a board certified chaplain, and directed the chaplain program at Griffin Hospital in Derby, CT for four years. He received training in Zen practice from The Tassajara Zen Mountain Center in 2007, and subsequently completed a year-long monastic training there from 2015-2016. He has been a lead meditation instructor for New Haven Insight since 2011, and has taught mindfulness to diverse groups in the New Haven area including the homeless, veterans, patients with mental health and addiction issues, health-care professionals, at-risk youth, college students, and the formerly incarcerated.

Number of Full Time Staff 0
Number of Part Time Staff 3
Number of Volunteers 1
Number of Contract Staff 14
Staff Retention Rate 100%
Staff Demographics - Ethnicity
African American/Black 10
Asian American/Pacific Islander 0
Caucasian 7
Hispanic/Latino 1
Native American/American Indian 0
Other 0 0
Staff Demographics - Gender
Male 9
Female 8
Unspecified 1
Senior Staff
Title Director of Business Development
   Elizabeth holds a degree in Neuroscience and Medical Anthropology from Mount Holyoke College. She has been a presenter with lived experience of mental health challenges for NAMI CT since January 2016. She has also been trained as a support group facilitator through NAMI, and co-runs a weekly support group for individuals with mood disorders. She has been meditating since 2008, and has attended mindfulness and Vipassana trainings in CT, NYC, MA and VT. She is an active member of New Haven Insight. She has extensive experience supporting non-profits through primarily volunteer and internship work including Yale New Haven Hospital, Fletcher Allen Hospital, The Susan B. Anthony Project, and Womanshelter/Companeras.
Title Director of Programs

Sarah Tracy-Wanck, also known as TW, is deeply grateful to the book by Thich Nhat Hanh that fell on her mother's head when she was seven, initiating a meditation practice that has been at the center of this life journey ever since. TW lives for her home and community in New Haven, where she has been learning and growing through her work as an educator for the last 10 years. Her work is propelled by the principle that awareness is the starting point for showing up for the beauty and injustice in the world.

Formal Evaluations
CEO Formal Evaluation Yes
CEO/Executive Formal Evaluation Frequency Semi-Annually
Senior Management Formal Evaluation Yes
Senior Management Formal Evaluation Frequency Bi-Annually
Non Management Formal Evaluation Yes
Non Management Formal Evaluation Frequency Quarterly
Central to Elm Village's mission is collaborating with other nonprofits in the greater New Haven area. As of October, these nonprofits have been: Connecticut Mental Health Center, Columbus House, Emerge, New Horizons, United Way, Copper Beech Institute, the Institute of Living, Musical Intervention, Bridges, Clifford Beers Clinic, and the New Haven Trauma Coalition.
Board Chair
Thema Graves
Company Affiliation Maitri Massage
Term Jan 2017 to Jan 2019
Board of Directors
Lee BarberaNew Haven Insight
Letticia Brown-Gambino M.S.Chrysalis Center
Theresa L. GeorgeYale University
Board Demographics - Ethnicity
African American/Black 2
Asian American/Pacific Islander 0
Caucasian 2
Hispanic/Latino 0
Native American/American Indian 0
Other 0 0
Board Demographics - Gender
Male 1
Female 3
Board Term Lengths 2
Board Term Limits 2
Written Board Selection Criteria Yes
Written Conflict of Interest Policy Yes
Percentage Making Monetary Contributions 100%
Percentage Making In-Kind Contributions 33%
Constituency Includes Client Representation Yes
Risk Management Provisions
Directors and Officers Policy
Employment Practices Liability
Fiscal Year Start Jan 01 2018
Fiscal Year End Dec 31 2018
Projected Revenue $87,020.00
Projected Expenses $85,000.00
Credit Line No
Reserve Fund No
Form 990s
Form 990-N2018
Detailed Financials
Prior Three Years Assets and Liabilities Chart
Fiscal Year201720162015
Total Assets$500----
Current Assets$500----
Long-Term Liabilities------
Current Liabilities------
Total Net Assets$500----
Prior Three Years Top Three Funding Sources
Fiscal Year201720162015
Top Funding Source & Dollar AmountCopper Beech Institute $14,993----
Second Highest Funding Source & Dollar AmountUnited Way $13,102----
Third Highest Funding Source & Dollar AmountColumbus House $5,238----
Capitial Campaign
Currently in a Capital Campaign? No
Capital Campaign Anticipated in Next 5 Years? No
Foundation Staff Comments This profile, including the financial summaries prepared and submitted by the organization based on its own independent and/or internal audit processes and regulatory submissions, has been read by the Foundation. Some financial information from the organization’s IRS Form 990, audited financial statements or other financial documents approved has been inputted by Foundation staff. The Foundation has not audited the organization’s financial statements or tax filings, and makes no representations or warranties thereon. A more complete picture of the organization’s finances can be obtained by viewing the attached 990s and audited financials. To see if the organization has received a competitive grant from The Community Foundation in the last five years, please go to the General Information Tab of the profile.
Address 50 Winnett Street
HAMDEN, CT 065172812
Primary Phone 203 836-1639 1
Contact Email Cormac@elmvillage.org
CEO/Executive Director Cormac Ryder Levenson
Board Chair Thema Graves
Board Chair Company Affiliation Maitri Massage


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