Understanding Greater New Haven

Building a stronger community starts with knowledge. The more that we know about our region, the better we are able to engage with each other in meaningful dialogues about how Greater New Haven is doing and what needs to be done.

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Support Arts & Culture

Greater New Haven is home to a thriving arts community that includes theatre, music, dance and the visual arts.


Promote Civic Vitality

Greater New Haven’s vibrancy can be seen in the beauty of its community gardens and parks. It can be heard in the voices of children at play in its neighborhoods and on its athletic fields.


Provide Quality Education

A quality education is a right and a necessity. When you support quality education, you give a child limitless possibilities and a community, future stability.


Ensure Health & Wellness

Good health is the foundation for living well. When we help the sick or disabled, and support efforts that promote healthy living, the entire community benefits.


Meet Basic Needs

A strong community not only meets its members’ basic needs but also works to create long-term solutions to their problems.


Boost Economic Success

A strong economy begins with a community that supports its people.


Protect the Environment

Stewardship of our natural resources is essential if we wish to guarantee that present and future generations enjoy clean water, good air quality and open spaces.


Nurture Children & Youth

When families, schools and communities take the view that children and youth are valued and respected assets to society, they necessarily support environments that nurture youth development.