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An online, searchable database that enables donors to learn about, connect with, and give to nonprofits serving Greater New Haven, 24/7. The site is provided by The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven in partnership with Guidestar, a leading source of nonprofit information.


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Community Responds with Unprecedented Giving

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The Great Give® 2015 was held on May 5-6 as the region's sixth, community-wide online giving event. More than $1.2 Million was raised to benefit nonprofits that serve the Greater New Haven region. Visit www.thegreatgive.org for details. See photos from the Nonprofit Prize Winner party in June.

Connecticut Residents Are Encouraged to Answer the Call

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DataHaven and over 100 major community and charitable organizations throughout the State, including The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven and Valley Community Foundation, are supporting DataHaven's 2015 Community Wellbeing Survey.

Residents who get a call by Siena College in New York State (518 area code) are asked to participate. Calls will be made from May to October. Responses are anonymous and completely confidential. Findings will be used to inform individuals, community leaders and policy makers about the issues and opportunities in the Greater New Haven region and the state.


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60% of nonprofits surveyed said they don't have succession plans. Read the newest and most comprehensive data about nonprofit leadership in the North East and learn what supports are needed to ensure nonprofits succeed.