Philanthropy in 2018

What lies ahead?

2018 ahead

Read these interesting articles about the 2018 global philanthropic landscape.

Then act locally and adopt a nonprofit (or several) listed on to support throughout the year. There are many ways to do it beyond making a straight donation.

Consider attending a ticketed event, or volunteering on the board of a nonprofit. Share news about your favorites via social media. Or, contact your attorney to include a favorite nonprofit in your estate plans. The opportunity to help is near limitless. The impact will last forever.  

Just do it!




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Tracking Our Wellbeing

Community Progress Report 2016

Three years ago we introduced Calibrating the Community: Data to Strengthen Greater New Haven (2013) to further our collective understanding of how people within our region are doing and how our region is doing as a whole. The Community Progress Report (2016) continues this ongoing work. Using the latest economic, demographic, educational, health and well-being data, this report provides benchmarks that identify strengths to build on and challenges that need to be addressed.